About Us


Ishaan is the youngest member of our family. He is our resident inhouse monkey. Does he swing from tree’s? Er no, but in every other respect he behaves like an little ape.

He is also incredibly head strong. Once he makes up his mind, thats it, it has to be his way or no way! He is just pure attitude at every opportunity.


Well what can one say, he is our resident inhouse joker! He is a total cutie pie but still thinks his cheesy smile will be a ‘get out of jail’ card every time.

He is always keen to help whenever any help is required and is truly gifted in playing the harmonium, sitar and singing Indian vocal classical music.


He is our resident inhouse geek. This is the baby that thought the TV air vents were a giant money box and decided to empty his piggy bank into the top vents and blow up our TV!

Thankfully has matured a little since then.